Improve your photography skills during lockdown

photography during lockdown

People may feel bored during the long lasting covid lockdown period, why not convert this time to oppotunity that can significantly improve photography skills? Here are some useful tips for you

Practice around your house

Due to the lockdown rule in great sydney area you can not travel too far for photo shooting, but execising within 5 km in your local area is still allowed. It is a right time to grab your camera to take some landscape shot around your area particullay within the walking distance. You may pratice at differnt time each day, from early morning or from dawn until dark. If there is a place of interest near your home, shooting from different angles can deliver positive experience during photo shooting activities.

Learn to edit your photo

Everyone has plenty of time at home when lockdown starts so concetrating on new skills could be a meaningful direction. If you never had sufficient time to learn software like adoble photshop or lightroom, never miss it. By surfing the internet you are able to find free online tutorials and guide that can bring your photo editing skills from beginner to expert level in a timely manner.It not only help you get good return on invest your time, but it will also transform your photos to art pieces.

Improve macro photography

When staying at home set up environment for macro photograpy can be fun and helpful. It is too easy to find a variety of small objects at home and leave them in front of you lense. You can even create a mini platform with kids and organise everthing in a story.Make sure use the right camera and equipments with proper configarations that give enough depth of fields for your photo shooting.